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beteabondieu [userpic]
What idols do... Ch3, finally! :)
by beteabondieu (beteabondieu)
at August 13th, 2009 (01:56 pm)

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Author: Beteabondieu
Title: What idols do on their days off 
Pairing: Min Ho/Hyun Joong
Ratings: PG/PG-13
Warnings: None, other that it's, I guess, a bit of a "connection" chapter.
Summary: Continuation of the jolly day at the park.
Disclaimer:Don't own or know anyone. It's strictly fiction, no matter what might be desired:). I am not making any money with this fics.

MinHo's POV:

MinHo knew Hyunjoong was a bit mellow since he lost the bet and he saw how hyung spend most of their time on the other rides thinking about a rematch. He smiled to himself. Hyung was so competitive and such a perfectionist. He couldn't stand loosing or performing badly at anything, no mather what was the challenge or whom he competed with. He knew more about HyunJoong than he was willing to admit ,since he googled him multiple times. First, when he was told they were both casted for Boys Before Flowers. The second time was after the first official introduction of the cast. And after that, he lost track of all the times he was acting like a blushing fangirl, surfing online for everything connected to his co-star and friend. Lately it was becoming an obsession. Whenever he could not see him or hear him, he would look him up on daum, cyworld, hell, he even used all his high school English knowledge to read the SS501 news on allkpop and omona (and a few fics on other livejournal based communities, who knew there were so many). When he went to bed once again at 5 am, not because of his busy schedule, but rather because he was spying on hyung via youtube, he decided to pick up the phone and arrange this outing.

And he was happy he made that call. Neither one of them had this much fun in months (as he was sure it was the same for hyung as it was for him). But he still wanted to cheer up hyung. Who knew when they will be able to get some time off again. They took a few more rides and enjoyed every one of them (specially the bump cars), but he could see how hyung's eyebrows moved sometimes in thoughts, no doubt planning some sort of rematch.
He smiled softly: "Hyung, would you like to make a bet?"
He saw how hyung's eyes lit up (he removed his sun-glasses because of a cloud) and his lips curved in a smile.
"Ya, what kind of bet! What would we do?"
He liked seeing hyung like this, happy and anticipating. There was something innocently erotic about it and he felt a need starting to rise in his chest, stomach and other parts he was rapidly losing control of.
"Well," he began, when he regained his ability to speak," I thought we could piggyback each other? The one who carries the other one longer, will be the winner?" This competition just popped in his head and he thought hyung may like it. (Plus, some more skinship never hurt anyone, ne?)
"Mhm. Ok!" Hyung became really energetic: "Ah, let's start here, at the ZOO entrance?  Jun Pyo can be the judge than," he said, with a straight and serious expression on his face, pouting like a five year old.
MinHo laughed. He was grateful they walked through the ZOO area before or he would have no idea what hyung was talking about. "Ok, but just to be sure of the winner, should we ask someone else to be the judge as well?"
"Ne, we should."

He watched Hyun Joong move rapidly towards a group of high school girls that were following them around the park. "Hi! We have a competition here and need some judges," he smiled broadly. "Would you be willing to help us?"  MinHo was trying so hard not to laugh out-loud by now. Those girls reactions to hyung's presence were priceless. Big eyes got bigger, mouth open, breath caught in their throats, hands shaking when they nodded their consent. And he couldn't stop himself from really grinning like mad, when he realized, that they would sacrifice their souls just to see their oppa whit his eyes open wide, focused on their faces, mouth open, only small gasps of air entering and reaching his lungs and his hands shaking, trembling in utter abandon. But he didn't have to sell his soul (though he was not entirely sure about that, with the way he himself was affected by hyung), all he had to do was confess, and the rest just followed. Aagh, he was so lucky!

Hyung took one of those girls by her elbow and lead her to a point near the railing, then went back and, bowing to her, asked her unni to follow him a little further. The first one was supposed to mark the beginning and the later was to be the judge of who got to carry the other longer. Hyung took this competition as seriously as his stage performances, MinHo fondly grinned to himself.

He was to be the second and hyung wanted to go first. HyunJoong lowered himself and MinHo climbed on his back. Hyung held him tightly around his calves and ran towards the girl waiting at the other end of the designed track, MinHo bouncing on his back, while hyung was letting out small frustrated groans, trying hard to win this time.
He finished when he passed the lion, exhaling deeply: "Agh! JunPyo, like the dinner I brought you?"

Off course everyone laughed. They would not expect anything less from HyunJoong. The distance he ran was quite far, yet still, MinHo wondered if it will be enough for hyung to win. He was perhaps not as strong as him (who worked out all day long), but Hyunjoong was still so skinny, he would be like a feather to lift and easy to carry. He wanted hyung to win this one, but knew better than to lose on purpose.

Only, there was one circumstance he forgot to consider, and no strength or lightness of his cargo could help him win once he realized it. The thing he was unaware of was the fact, that every time hyung bounced on his back, from the moment he climbed on, till the moment he hastily dropped him to the ground, there were a million sparks flying up his spine, warmth spreading over his back and tainting his cheeks. He forgot to include distractions in his calculations, damn, even knowing, that distraction helped him win the first round (hm, a completely different distraction though). So this time hyung won, fair and square, since MinHo was too afraid his hormones would start some reactions he did not want the fans to see or rather, his blush would reveal things he did not want hyung to see. Damn all the pent up sexual tension between them! And damn his weak heart for falling for hyung so rapidly. They had to get out of this park, he decided, and better make it soon. Though, he thought, he could wait a little longer - there was still that promise of an ayego to look forward to. And he spotted a cake house earlier - a perfect place to have that snack, he was suppose to buy as the looser of this round.
"Joongie hyung, let’s go!" he grinned. "It's time for your performance!"



Posted by: achih (achih)
Posted at: August 14th, 2009 06:42 am (UTC)

So cute! Thanks for writing it down :D

"When he went to bed once again at 5 am, not because of his busy schedule, but rather because he was spying on hyung via youtube"
loool, this sounds familiar

Posted by: beteabondieu (beteabondieu)
Posted at: August 14th, 2009 08:02 am (UTC)

Really? Reminds you of someone?;). Well, that kid is rather addicting:D

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