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beteabondieu [userpic]
by beteabondieu (beteabondieu)
at December 24th, 2009 (02:44 am)

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Author: Beteabondieu
Title: Christmas comes only once a year
Pairing: YiJung/WooBin
Ratings: G
Genre:drabble, fluff (fail)
Warnings:a failed attempt at a holiday fluff
Summary: When spirits are high, love can be shown (sorry, I'm terrible at summarizing)
Disclaimer: Don't own any of the characters, setting,... only the plot :)Am not making any money with this, sadly.

Christmas comes only once a year

For the cool Casanova of the infamous F4 he was, Christmas was still his favorite time of the year.

This time of the year, girls were searching for boyfriends, men they could escort to lavish dinner parties or ice skating in the park, men who would brag to their friends about how pretty they were and spoil them rotten with presents. It was that time of the year when women were looking for a relationship not one-night stands. And it was really YiJungs favorite time of the year.

Cause deep down inside he had a soft spot for sparkling lights and glittery postcards, the smell of fresh fir trees and imported explosion of red. And because Christmas was the time he could spend with his best fiend.

Since they were free of girls stalking them around and their other two friends were always busy (one with his demanding family and the other one with moping around by himself) they had all their time for themselves. Just the two of them.
So Christmas eve found them alone again in his workshop, sharing a glass of brandy to hold a toast to the year that just past, proclaiming it their best year ever (the same as all before this one), and another one for their missing friends, hoping next year they may join them and yet another one for themselves, to celebrate how great they were. And a few more toasts later, a few more rounds of brandy shared, those were not the only things shared between them.
No, there were also soft, flitting
pecks on their cheeks, caresses of their hands and intertwining of their fingers. And as the night progressed, their intimacy went up yet another level, making out wildly on the hard wooden floor, exploring and wanting until they moved into the main house and continued their night in YiJungs private dormitory.

And when the morning came, they were back to being best friends, no embarrassing scenes or harsh words, both doing what they were expected to do and longingly waiting for next Christmas. Again, like all those years since they were hit by puberty, they will spend it alone and together, trying to get as much love as possible to keep them warm all through the year.


Posted by: achih (achih)
Posted at: December 29th, 2009 11:43 pm (UTC)

Thanks for sharing. Love it, as always ^_~

"And when the morning came, they were back to being best friends, no embarrassing scenes or harsh words,"

cute, but so sad.

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