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pagan21 [userpic]
by pagan21 (pagan21)
at December 15th, 2010 (10:09 pm)
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    Kissing Fireworks

 Chapter 1: The tattoo is where!?Woo Bin X Yi Jung Boys over Flowers Korean drama.
Disclaimer i do not own these character. All rights go to their rightful owners.
Warning: rated M, Yaoi, Lemon and naughty thoughts.
Day 1
Woo Bin's point of view.
He is late. As usual. I wonder which girl it is this time. Oh forget him, he never gets here on time anyway.
I go into the work out area and low and behold he had been waiting for me inside the whole time.
I couldn't help but do a double take. He is on the bench bare chest lifting 200 pounds. This is his first time working out and of course he decides to start with a weight that is not only impossible for him to lift but also very dangerous if he drops it.  I see him forcing to get it , he manages and just as he holds it up his arms give out. I catch the bar and yank it away fom him. I turn to give him a murderous look,
" What are you thinking you fool?! You could have DIED! This isn't a game! If you die what would I do without you?!"
he looks at me and says
" You would find another friend, and smile and move on. That is the way things happen when a friend dies. " a sad look crosses his face.
"And besides, i'm not dead am I? "
" No but you would have been if I hadn't pulled that bar away when I did."
" But you did, and how can you blame me!? You weren't here to show me what to do so I decided to try by myself."
"Fine then, if you are so eager to learn, go on the bike for 10 minutes of sprinting and then we'll do cardio."
By the end of the session Yi Jung was sweating like crazy and I was too. Beads of sweat trickle
"Satisfied? now we both smell terrible." he complained.
" Shower." is all I said in response.
In the shower we are not shy. So couldn't help but notice that something was different about Ee Jun. He has a new tatoo. On his butt. guess what it says?! It says: Kiss Me
The water is running down his back and legs and he is washing his neck. His body is pure lean muscle, he fences so his strenght is in his legs not his arms. He turns his head and sees me staring.
"Do you like it?" 
 I turn my head away fast. I can feel the blush in my cheeks. This man is driving me crazy.
He comes up behind me and says in my ear " Let me wash your back."
" With what? There are no towels here..."
"With my hands of course." A gasp escapes my lips.
He soaps up his hands and trails his finger tips from the back of my ear very slowly down my back and he goes lower. His hand traces my butt and slips between my legs and grabs my full length. I shiver at his touch.
His other hand finds my nipple and rubs it in a circular motion. My breath becomes ragged.
" What are you doing Yi Jung?... ahn..." he presses hard on my tip.
"Cleaning you, inside out. It's not good to hold it back. It accumulates over time. I heard that you haven't been seeing anyone for a looong time Woo Bin. I'm not blind, I feel it when you look at me. I like it Woo Bin. I'm doing you a favour."
His hand starts to move up and down my shaft in steady movements my breaths stutter,
" Yi jung... people will see. He pulls away and back me into a stall back against the wall. His hand starts moving again. Faster,harder until i can't take it anymore.
"Aaah ah no stop im gonna...!"  it spills out of me and Yi Jung smirks. He bends down and kisses my tip. My body shakes and the site of this is enough to make me gasp again. He stand and his left hand touches my lips. He looks me in the eyes and walks out of the shower gets dressed and I hear him leave.
OMG. Did that just happen?!
I find a note in my clothes after I clean myself up.
It says : Dear Woo Bin, you are not the only one who has been watching. I've watched you too. I hope I haven't scared you and I hope you won't feel awkward around me. If you want more with me then just a friend, meet me at Tai Choo Karate center tomorrow at 2 pm. If you don't show up, I promise nothing will change between us.
Yours if you want him Yi Jung.

Of course i'll go!
wait... Yi jung is a playboy. Will he leave me? If I trust him he could break my heart.
What do I do?
A\N Song inspiration: What should I do OST
From the korean drama : You're Beautiful
enjoy and comment! yours truly pagab21
 LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!


Posted by: achih (achih)
Posted at: December 17th, 2010 11:52 pm (UTC)

It's been a while that I had an opportunity to read such a nice BOF fiction. Thanks for sharing & looking forward for more. :D

Posted by: achih (achih)
Posted at: December 18th, 2010 08:52 am (UTC)

Oh, yes, don't forget to put the fic under LJcut? :)

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