Let's undress the flower boys !!!

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Korean F4 - characters & actors
Because we noticed a serious lack of Korean Hana yori dango version - Boys Over Flowers' F4 slash fandoms, we are opening a community for all fans. Welcome!

This is meant to be a place dedicated to the romantic relationship between the Korean F4 characters or F4 cast members. This means it has to be slash and it must include at least one of Korean F4 members or actors. Here you can post fiction, art, vids, other fanwork.


1. Post should be fanwork related. So, don't post recaps, reviews etc. if not otherwise necessary for the fanwork.

2. Any fanwork must be slash and include at least one of the characters or actors from featured Kdramas. I.e. at least one of them has to be in slash relationship either among themselves or with another character/real person.

3. Please refrain from negative reviews, flaming or dissing authors, their work or opinions. This should be fun, not depressive and negative (unless it's angst you write about ;)).

4. Nc-17 and higher ratings should be friend locked. And every fanwork you post, must be under LJ cut, tagged, and it should contain the following info (outside and within the LJ cut):


Other info are welcome too, but please make sure to keep drama title, pairing, rating and warnings in there.

7. Don't change basic settings. Don't code your entries to change the community's default font, color scheme and other parts of its layout. Because it's an open community refrain from making or linking to locked posts, linking to posts that will be locked in the near future, or turning off the comments.

8. Ignoring the rules above can get you temporarily or permanently banned from this community. You may also be banned for: plagiarism, flaming other members or asking members to flame someone else, using racial and other discriminatory comments, ignoring the mods etc.

For any other question ask mods(beteabondieu, achih).

And most important - HAVE FUN!